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The Georgian Grande into to the breed:                 




 The Georgian Grande horse has the elegance and noble bearing of the saddlebred perfectly blended with the size,      good bone and calm disposition of the Friesian or draft.

It carries itself with an attitude that eludes description, some call it "presence, class, or style", but this superior air distinguishes every movement of the Georgian Grande. They are extremely versatile and good at multiple disciplines, their movement is that of upper level dressage. They excel in driving as well as jumping, on trails they are dependable, quiet and calm. They grow big and stay sound. They possess strength, beauty and good mind!

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The stallions of Colors          

Our stallions are of wonderful proven lines.  The dispositions and personalities that really make them shine are also passed on the their get.  These wonderful boys are easy to handle in the at home at leisure,  in the breeding shed or in the show ring... they are a joy to be around anytime anywhere!  Reports from trainers and riders who state they are show minded with wonderful trainable minds and talent to spare (especially for a spotted horse is also an added comment we often hear or they ARE saddlebreds NOT spotted saddlebreds... something to be proud of)  They also get high marks from those who have had handled them in all situations.  We could not be more proud of them!

If your interested in the Grande Program please feel free to contact us.  Questions are always welcome!

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